Do you know what happens when a product with numerous health and aesthetic benefits and yet with high safety, with no known side effects is introduced to the world?

The Future of CBD Products

People will buy it as if there is no tomorrow. That is exactly what’s happening with the CBD products today, YOY growth, increasing demand and regular shortages. During the recent years many have become very rich by investing in medicinal cannabis or CBD infused products but this is not the end of the road rather there is sea change coming for the CBD industry, which will make early entrants extremely lucky.
Based on the huge need for CBD, the industry will only continue to grow and Global market is set to reach £1.6 Billion by 2020 from a humble start of just £32 million in 2014 and currently it stands at £270 million (Figs: Sep 2018)

Therapeutic Benefits

Numerous studies have now shown that CBD possesses an array of therapeutic benefits, including antioxidant and europrotective properties and that has captured the interest of many pharmaceutical companies with particularly dry research pipeline to rake in the cash from this opportunity.
Therefore after the recent approval of a CBD based medicine “Epidiolex” for treating the symptoms of childhood epilepsy characterized by violent episodes of seizures, it is most likely that with the push and influence from pharmaceutical giants, in future, CBD may be characterised as only a pharmaceutical entity.

Expect Change of Legal Status

We at CBD business Ltd predict that the change of legal status of CBD as medicinal product is eminent within 2-3 years and the regulators MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) may impose
restrictions and requirement of marketing authorisation for the sale of all CBD products including CBD Oil and Tinctures within legal limit of THC < 0.3% and pure CBD Isolate and Crystals with Zero level of THC.

The CBD Business Experts

We envisage that during the transition phase i.e. CBD’s journey from food supplement to traditional herbal remedy to a pharmaceutical product, it will be easier to apply for the licence and set up clinical trials to obtain marketing authorisation and claim the presidency of an indication. 
Our Business experts have a strong pharmaceutical and Biotech background. Our scientific experts are vastly skilled in regulatory processes and compliance. The business, technical and scientific knowledge has given us ability to make hefty and confusing approval processes easy, we have strong links with the
leading CRO and research institutes throughout the country with vast experience of conducting numerous multi-national clinical studies.

Our technical director Mr Chapman was also involved with the initial work of Sativex, a product containing
CBD and THC. So if you are an investor or venture capitalist then we are here to put you in the
right direction from growing businesses to clinical studies. Want to invest into
future? With over 35 CBD studies, currently in progress, we will pick a condition
to set up ideal clinical studies for your licence.

Not to mention there are around hundred of treatable and manageable conditions, where CBD has shown
beneficial results, this is linked to Endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is present throughout the body
and plays critical role in mediating various functions therefore CBD has shown benefits in
quite diversified ailments from Stress and Depression to Pain, Endocrine
disorders and Cancer.

Currently on going CBD trials includes; Selected Cancers, Autism, Chronic Pain,
Epilepsy, Seizures, Panic Attacks, and also few Orphan diseases (conditions that
affects fewer than 200,000 people throughout UK).
As they say success is simple, “Do what is right, the right way, at the right time”.
So if you are looking for partnership, venture, clinical studies or intending to buy
the existing CBD business then we would be able to support, introduce and put
you in the right direction.

CBD Market Overview

  • Current Global CBD markets are set to go astronomically high, 2018 has already shown a tremendous growth of 114% up from £118 Million in 2017 to £270 Million in 2018.
  • The predicated industry CAGR (combined Average growth Rate) is
    expected to reach 700% from 2018 – 2020.
  • CBD market size in 2020 is expected to reach £1.6 Billion.
  • CBD markets in the UK and Europe will serge due to high awareness of medicinal cannabis or CBD (alone or with THC), which can now be prescribed legally to the selected patients, across the UK, for the first time.

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